A statement on the National Library’s TROVE service

March 2016


The Royal Historical Society (RHSQ) is concerned about the proposed change to the operating model for the National Library of Australia’s (NLA) popular TROVE service.


Since it was introduced in 2009, TROVE has been embraced by collecting institutions and content partners throughout Australia for providing an innovative online platform which enables researchers to easily search, discover and access material held in dispersed collections.


TROVE is particularly valued by Australians living in remote and regional communities, with tens of thousands of people accessing this service each day.


However, the NLA has advised that the impact of the Federal Government’s efficiency dividend is likely to result in changes to the TROVE service.


Of particular concern is that TROVE may cease aggregating content from museums and universities unless it is fully funded to do so. The cessation of aggregated content from universities and museums, if adopted, may limit the future effectiveness of this important service.


The RHSQ considers it vitally important for TROVE to maintain its place as an invaluable component of Australia’s research infrastructure.