Exhibition and seminar: Ties that bind – Lebanese in Queensland

Exhibition and seminar: Ties that bind – Lebanese in Queensland

Join us for the launch of Ties that bind – Lebanese in Queensland exhibition and seminar on 22 April 2017 at 10am.

Lebanese presence in Queensland stretches back to the 1880s. As non-Europeans, these early immigrants faced not only the difficulties of making a new life in a strange country but also significant social and legislative as well as racial discrimination. In spite of these obstacles, they worked hard, became active participants in their local communities and encouraged their children to become Australian.

However, leaving a place physically does not mean the severing of ties, particularly as the essential ties are not just to a place but also to people. So, although they have embraced Queensland as their home, many of the immigrants and their descendants retain a strong sense of their Lebanese background and connections with their place of origin.

The exhibition and seminar, The Ties that Bind, will consider questions such as: if and how the immigrants maintained contact with their homeland; what ties they developed with their new country; what aspects of their cultural heritage have been retained and what aspects have been lost.

The exhibition and seminar will be launched by Senator Claire Moore and opened by Anthony Torbey, the Honorary Consul of Lebanon.

Speakers include: Dr Anne Monsour (president of Australian Lebanese Historical Society), Katrin Hurlimann-Graham (Queensland State Archives), Yvonne Matta, Antoine Ghanem, Hana Torbey, Stefan Ackerie and Mona Obeid.

Please contact the RHSQ for more details or to register: (07) 3321 4198 / info@queenslandhistory.org.au

Places are limited.

This special day of history will be held at the Commissariat Store, 115 William Street on 22 April, 2017 at 10am with panel discussion finishing at 1pm.

Tickets are $25 for RHSQ and ALHS members, and $30 for guests.