Bankfoot House was established in 1868 by William and Mary Grigor. The residence was a stopover for Cobb & Co coaches, which travelled to the Goldfields, between Brisbane to Gympie. Travellers would stop in for lunch or overnight. They would pay one shilling for a meal, one shilling for a bed and one shilling for the horses’feed and stable. The property also had its own dairy cattle and Post Office. In the early 1890’s a railway was built, so the Post Office was moved to the Glasshouse Railway station and William Grigor became the postmaster there. Bankfoot remained as a lodging house and often accommodated visitors, who came to climb the nearby mountains. The property remained in the family for three generations, the Grigor, Burgess and Ferries families, for over 130 years. It remains the oldest surviving residence in the Glasshouse Mountains. It was bought by the Caloundra City Council in 2002, after the death of the last resident, Jack Ferris. Today it is a house museum, Bankfoot House. Reference:

Bankfoot House
Hotels - “Bankfoot House” being demolished
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