RHSQ Council in 2019. L-R back row: Michele Pickering, Rebecca Ling, Jeff O’Mara, John Pearn, Janet Prowse, Denver Beanland. Front row: Barrie Rollason, Michael Halliday, Stephen Sheaffe, Ruth Kerr, Ilona Fekete (Manager).

Management and Leadership

The Royal Historical Society of Queensland is led by a Council. The Council is chaired by the President, who is supported by the Vice President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, Immediate Past President and up to 10 councillors.

The Council is supported by a series of committees that are responsible for overseeing various activities of the Society and reporting on those activities to Council.

Nominations for all Council positions are called prior to the Annual General Meeting.

The Society is grateful for the tireless effort of the many individuals who so freely give their time to serve on the Council, a Committee or through another volunteer role.

RoleOfficer Bearer
PresidentStephen Sheaffe
Vice PresidentMichael Halliday
Honorary SecretaryRuth Kerr
Honorary TreasurerBarrie Rollason
CouncillorDenver Beanland
CouncillorJeffrey Hopkins-Weise
CouncillorRebecca Ling
CouncillorJohn Pearn
CouncillorMichelle Pickering
CouncillorJanet Prowse
CouncillorMaryanne Pender
CouncillorJeff O'Mara
CouncillorJon Stanford
CouncillorTimothy Roberts
Immediate Past PresidentDean Prangley

RHSQ Committees

The Committee structure is determined by Council. Committee chairpersons and members are appointed at the first Council meeting following the Annual General Meeting. From time to time, the Council may change the committee structure or change committee membership during the year.

Awards CommitteeRuth KerrDenver Beanland, John Pearn, Stephen Sheaffe
'Dig Tree' CommitteeDenver BeanlandDean Prangley, Ruth Kerr, John Pearn, Stephen Sheaffe
John Douglas Kerr Medal of Distinction CommitteeStephen SheaffeJanet Prowse, John Pearn
Program CommitteeJon StanfordMaryanne Pender, Dean Prangley, Tim Roberts, Michael Halliday, Michelle Pickering
Membership CommitteeMichael HallidayDenver Beanland, Ruth Kerr, Noel Fawkes, Stephen Sheaffe, Ilona Fekete
Museum CommitteeJeff O'MaraGraeme Nicholson, Dean Prangley, Tim Roberts, Michelle Pickering, Samantha Rowe
Queen's Wharf Road Precinct (Brisbane) CommitteeStephen SheaffeDenver Beanland, Ruth Kerr, Dean Prangley, Ilona Fekete
Publications CommitteeRuth KerrVal Donovan, Margaret Kowald, Graeme Nicholson
Grants Co-OrdinatorRebecca Ling
Library ManagerRuth Kerr


The following supporting roles exist outside the committee structure although report to and are appointed by Council in the same way as the committees.

Brisbane Living Heritage Network RepresentativeGlenda Sheaffe
Bulletin EditorGraeme Nicholson
Commissariat Store Museum Exhibition CuratorSamantha Rowe
Federation of Australian Historical Societies RepresentativesMichael Halliday and Tim Roberts
National Archives of Australia Brisbane Consultative Forum RepresentativesRuth Kerr
Queensland History Journal Editorial TeamEditor Margaret Kowald supported by Assistant Editors Val Donovan and Ruth Kerr
Queensland State Archives Consultative ForumRuth Kerr
Web content managerDeana Hamwood


The Royal Historical Society of Queensland is indebted to our previous Presidents for their work and dedication to the Society. In this section we take note of those people who have made a contribution to our Society through their leadership in this demanding role.

25Dean Prangley2014 - 2017
24Helen Brackin2012 - 2014
23Carolyn Nolan2009 - 2012
22Denver Beanland2007 - 2009
21Jean Stewart2004 - 2007
20Ian Hadwen2001 - 2004
19Stephen Sheaffe1998 - 2001
18Michael White1995 - 1998
17Ruth Kerr1992 - 1995
16Ron Wood1989 - 1992
15Rod Mcleod1986 - 1989
14Drury Clarke1983 - 1986
13Norman Pixley1967 - 1983
12Sir Raphael Cilento1953 - 1967
11Allan Morrison1948 - 1953
10Henry Alcock1945 - 1948
9Raphael Cilento1943 - 1945
8Geoffrey Ward1941 - 1943
7Malcolm Campbell1940 - 1941
6Fergus McMaster1937 - 1940
5Thomas Welsby1936 - 1937
4Raphael Cilento1935 - 1936
3Inigo Jones1930 - 1935
2Francis Cumbrae-Stewart1917 - 1930
1Sir Arthur Morgan1913 - 1916