View of Moreton Bay Penal Settlement in 1835 by Henry Boucher Bowerman

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2412February20221087Who Discovered Macadamias?Ian McConachie
1103The evolution of service stations: a case study of Ipswich Road, Annerley to MoorookaMark Baker
1118Domestic violence, family honour and shame, and the changing fortunes of an immigrant familyBill Metcalf
1136Making Australia home or Who do you think you are? A personal footnoteJohn A Moses
1152Speech at Queensland Day Dinner, 5 June 2021Paul de Jersey
1159Enduring heritage: philatelic and numismatic memorials to Burke and WillsJohn Pearn
1173Book Review: Fiona Foley, Biting the Clouds: A Badtjala perspective on the Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897Val Donovan
2411November2021Visual Arts of Queensland
959IntroductionGlenn R Cooke
963Plains of Colour: Thomas Domville Taylor, the Darling Downs, and Aboriginal AustraliaTim Roberts
977Daniel Marquis: a Scottish photographer in BrisbanePeter Marquis-Kyle
988JA Clarke’s ‘grand picture’ of BrisbaneJudith McKay
995William Knox D’Arcy: Art Collector and PatronDianne Byrne
1006Estelle, interrupted: Stella Creed, a lost Queensland modernistAngela Goddard
1020Discovering Central Queensland artist Dell NashLesley Synge
1031Softly awakes… Monday morning: the origin of Vida Lahey’s iconic paintingGlenn R Cooke
1045The Verlie Just Town Gallery and Japan Room ArchiveElena Dias-Jayasinha
1057Australian motifs on Royal Worcester: Flavelle Brothers’ association with Ellis RowanJon and Yvonne Douglas
1066Wares and Awareness: Yarrabah Pottery, 1970s–1980sMatthew Wengert
1079Fired from the Mountain: the potters of Tamborine Mountain 1940–2020Larissa Warren
2410August2021Sir Samuel Griffith: a political life Seminar, RHSQ and Queensland Parliament Parliament House, 20 February 2021
877Sir Samuel Walker Griffith (1845-1920): a journey from the dark satanic mills to the High Court in six episodesKay Saunders
896Griffith’s rise to power, 1872 to 1883Denver Beanland
919Sir Samuel Walker Griffith, radical liberal Premier, 1883-1888: a free white QueenslandKay Saunders
940Griffith’s hunger for power, 1888 to 1893Denver Beanland
249May2021777On Queensland and QueenslandersRoland Sussex
794Irishness on Parade: St Patrick’s Day in Brisbane 1885-1995Rodney Sullivan and Robin Sullivan
811Outside studding: was Queensland architecture changed on 3 August 1865?Don Watson
827‘Lest we Forget’– Christianity and Australian cultureJohn A Moses
842The Commissariat Museum Federation ProjectStephen Sheaffe
858Fortunato Stablum: the fortunes of an Italian mining labourer and the puzzles of oral historyLesley Synge
871Brisbane State High School Centenary 1921-2021: remembering Alexander McKee, its forgotten architectDon Watson
248February2021693Paxton: a Haven of Peace during World War IIBill Metcalf
711A twisted tale: the many roads to IpswichMark Baker
726‘never...except by aeroplane’Mark Clayton
737Alderman James Chiam: Municipal Politics, British Law and Chinese Settler IdentityHoward Le Couteur
750Casebook A of the Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum: patient demographics and diagnoses as a reflection of early colonial QueenslandDavid F McEniery
762Queensland and the refugees from the German-Danish War of 1864David Huggonson
774Book Review: Gerard Benjamin, William & Leonora Monk: a couple from London arrives in Queensland in 1857, Brisbane, G Benjamin, 2020Margaret Kowald
247November2020615Exploring the 1899 pearling fleet disasterIan Townsend
628The mercurial Henry Alexander Wickham: ‘American tobacco planter’ on the HerbertBianka Vidonja Balanzategui
642Queensland’s ‘Sons of Empire’ – veterans of forgotten warsRod Pratt & Jeff Hopkins-Weise
655Miss Bedford: quintessential volunteer community worker and philanthropistJohn Earwaker
673Frontier War defences of early QueenslandRay Kerkhove
691Book Review: Chris Hanlon, The Catholic Church in Colonial Queensland 1859-1918, Brisbane, Brisbane Archdiocesan Archives, 2020William J Metcalf
246August2020Joint Symposium: RHSQ and the Stanthorpe and District Historical Society and Museum 12 October 2019
529Amiens township: the first 100 yearsRoger J Willis
549An overview of the Pikedale Soldier Settlement SchemeLorene Long
562‘Along the Southern Line’: Queensland Railways and the railway from Warwick to the borderGreg Hallam
575Love and Moffat’s Store at Stanthorpe and the beginnings of Moffat’s tin mining interestsRuth S Kerr
590A Stanthorpe Pioneer: the life and times of Thomas Frederick Merry, 1829–1911John Pearn and Vena Pearn
602Prisoner of War Control Centre Q1, Stanthorpe, during World War IIPeter Dunn
608Winemaking at Ballandean EstateLeeanne Puglisi-Gangemi
611Presenters at the Symposium, Stanthorpe, 12 October 2019
612Book review: Anastasia Dukova, To Preserve and Protect: Policing Colonial Brisbane, Brisbane, University of Queensland Press, 2020William J Metcalf
245May2020427All aboard for the Western Front: Queenslanders and the 4th Australian Broad Gauge Railway Operating CompanyMark Whitmore and Graham Wilson
445Aspects of the guitar in Queensland from 1842 to World War IIDuncan Gardiner
461The tragedy of the EmigrantJane Smith
476On the lookout: defensive surveillance of convicts and foreigners as a defining element of early Queensland architecture (1820s-1880s)Ray Kerkhove and Cathy Keys
486The Wickham Park PrecinctHarry F Akers, Michael A Foley, John P Brown, Valerie Woodford
502The Rise and Fall of Land Banks in QueenslandJon Stanford
519Robert Craig and Percy Armstrong: pioneer cycling overlandersRosemary Sharples
326Ethical aspects of medical practice in nineteenth century QueenslandJohn Pearn
339The Queensland Acclimatisation SocietyJohn Pearn
356Images of injury: a perspective and chronology of the introduction of X-rays in Queensland 1896-1906John Pearn
375Colonel Arthur Graham Butler (1872-1949), doctor-soldier and historian: the Queensland service of a gallant Gallipoli medical officerJohn Pearn
386‘They Also Serve’: Queensland families on the Home Front during World War IJohn Pearn
399Invisible Victims: Queensland children and the 1919 Influenza PandemicJohn Pearn
410Sister Elizabeth Kenny 1880-1952: her Queensland memorialsSister Elizabeth Kenny 1880-1952: her Queensland memorialsJohn Pearn
243November2019Exploration: Sea, Sky and Land in Queensland Conference by The Royal Historical Society of Queensland - 31 August 2019
251Connections in charting the Great Barrier Reef, 1770-1850Denver Beanland
268Samuel Ashmore and tracks through the Great Barrier ReefStephen Sheaffe
284A mystery resolved: John Oxley’s field books of the Brisbane River in 1823 and 1824Ian Jempson
299The accidental explorer: unknown and underrated exploration of the Sunshine Coast/Cooloola Region, 1827-1860Ray Kerkhove
314Exploring the heavens: some astronomical milestones in early Queensland historyJohn Pearn
242August2019147The rise and fall of Colonial Queensland’s three trading banksDenver Beanland
166John Petrie: builder to the Queensland GovernmentDon Watson
184A doughty war time leader: Brisbane’s first Archbishop, St Clair George Alfred Donaldson 1904-1921John Moses
197Dr William Branwhite Clarke’s contribution to finding the first gold in north Queensland 1851-1867Michael Brumby
213‘Lighthouse communities’ and Indigenous-settler cultural entanglements: the early architectural history of southern Queensland’s Lighthouses and Pilot StationsCathy Keys and Ray Kerkhove
230The Enrolled Pensioners of the Bangalore, 1850Rod Pratt
239‘Lux Sanat’ Architectural metaphors of medicine and healthJohn Pearn
241May20193‘Remembering the Armistice’: The Datum of 11 November 1918, Peace, Memorials and the Aftermath of WarJohn Pearn
5World War I Queensland Military Hospitals, Repatriation, and the Returned Soldiers’ Transport CorpsCliff Pollard and Jeff Hopkins-Weise
24After the Armistice: Burying the Dead of the Great WarMichael G Fiechtner
39‘Gunner’ Taylour and the Comrades of War LeagueMark Cryle
53Mephisto – the Queensland connectionMark Whitmore
67Memory, Commemoration and World War I: Mephisto, Queensland’s unique ‘war prize’Jeff Hopkins-Weise and Greg Czechura
89Helen Huxham and the Women’s Peace Army: World War 1Deborah Jordan
104Anzac CottagesCarmel Black
117The changing definition of Peace, Part 1: the status quo of thinking in Queensland during the ArmisticeNeville Buch
132The changing definition of Peace, Part 2: the shifting of thinking in Queensland during the ArmisticeNeville Buch
2312February2019815RHSQ Office Bearers and Councillors 2019
816Autobiography of an Australian working man: much more than a private hobbyLesley Synge
832Martin Armstrong: a long way from the man he wasMelanie Piddocke
847Edwin Maurice Little: blind hero of GallipoliJim Gibson
859Stanley Edward Holle, Principal of The Queensland School for the Deaf (1926-1953): an autocrat and a visionaryCharlie McAllister
871John Dallachy plant collector, and the establishment of CardwellPeter S Lavarack
2311November2018Parliament House: Celebrating 150 years, Saturday 25 August 2018
711Queensland – arrived and survivedDenver Beanland
729The intriguing journey to design the Queensland Houses of ParliamentKay Saunders
752Charles Tiffin: Public Service Con AmoreDon Watson
770Parliament House: design and construction apart from Charles Tiffin and John Petrie, who else was involved?Don Watson
798The challenges of working in and preserving a heritage listed building: Parliament HouseNeil Laurie
2310August2018639The Wreck and Rescue of the Royal Charlotte 1825John Pearn
651Okinawan ‘pearling specialists’ in Torres Strait and the end of the Queensland pearlshelling industry, 1958-1963Anna Shnukal
666Memorialising Irish Australians in Brisbane, 1872-2017Rodney Sullivan and Robin Sullivan
684Kenneth Hutchison (1850-1902)Jean Stewart
693How the Queensland Deposit Bank Shaped the Suburbs in the 1880sJon Stanford
709BOOK REVIEW:Jennifer Creese, Jewish Life in Queensland: Celebrating 150 years since 1865Ruth S Kerr
239May2018563Seeds of DiscontentMark Clayton
581Exploration and settlement: conflict in Queensland – an overviewVal Donovan
593The Queensland Railways, the Eggs, the Prime Minister and WarwickGreg Hallam
607The Origins of Women’s Swimming in Queensland From invisibility to world championship in five years: 1901 to 1906John Pearn
623The rise and fall of the Country and Progressive National Party, 1925-36David Moore
238February2018507Philip John MacMahon: Brisbane Botanic Gardens curator 1889-1905 and his vision of Brisbane as a ‘City of Palms’John Leslie Dowe
522Scenes of Faith and Sacrifice: The Gallipoli Diary of Padre George Green of the 2nd Light Horse RegimentSimon Farley
534ANZAC and the ‘Memory Industry’: reflections on recent publicationsJohn A Moses
542Digging into the Hamilton HillsCarolyn Nolan
560Address for Separation Day 2017Kay Saunders
237November2017437Shattered Dreams: recollections of the Palmer Goldrush 1874-1875Gordon Grimwade and Christine Grimwade
454An Epic Trek to Utopia? Reliance Commune, 1893-1896Bill Metcalf and Veronica Dawson
473Growing an Empire of Leaves: the Brisbane years of Bushell & Co., 1883-1910Peter Griggs
489Charles Snow 1882-1953: the founder of Scouting in QueenslandJohn Pearn
499Obituary of Lorna Lorraine McDonald OAMRuth Kerr
501Dr Rod Fisher, 1942-2017Margaret Kowald
503Book review: Maurice French, The boy who would be Premier: A political biography of Jack Duggan, volume 1, Toowoomba, Tabletop Publishing, 2016Denver Beanland
236August2017359Enduring Bonds: Lebanese Immigrants in Queensland Anne Monsour
378A Lebanese-Australian Family StoryYvonne Ashkar Matta
385Queensland Day SpeechHon. Ian David Francis Callinan
389History of daylight saving time in QueenslandChris Pearce
404The Amity and the foundation of European settlement in QueenslandJohn Pearn and Danny Tangney
425Our American Civil War veterans: Queensland cemeteries’ rare grave findsJonathan (Jack) Ford
235May2017295George Phillips and the Normanton to Croydon RailwayGreg Hallam
312The Equitable Building Society Lottery of 1893: how it raffled the Queensland Deposit Bank’s Banking ChambersJon Stanford
328The Life and Times of Sir Robert PhilpLyndon Megarrity
344The Maltese Cross: the State Emblem and Symbol of QueenslandJohn Pearn
234February2017221Lores Bonney: a woman of achievementKristen Alexander
239Building community: the role of not-for-profit organisations in the development of Rockhampton, 1860-1880Margaret Shield
255Mrs Janet O’Connor: educator and the Duporth school for young women – a Melba connectionElisabeth Wheeler
270Heinrich Carl Wilhelm Buls: a successful gold miner of early north QueenslandTom Freeman and Ruth Kerr
286Crux mattersMark Clayton
292Book Review: Gerald Hugo Ree, Loathsome No Longer: Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy) in Queensland 1850-1975Jonathan Richards
233November2016147The Cooktown orchid – Queensland’s floral emblemPS Lavarack
158My Mission in Ireland: Henry Jordan and Queensland Immigration 1860-67Jennifer Harrison
1751864 – One of Brisbane’s forgotten floodsDuncan Richardson
185Heinrich Friedrich Niemeyer: Foundation Leader of the Apostolic Church of QueenslandCM McGrath
199Brisbane Statuemania: Memorialising Irish-Australian Premiers, 1898-1955Rodney Sullivan and Robin Sullivan
219Book Review: John Field, Boots Shoes and Seeds: the life of Peter FieldRuth S Kerr
232August201669The Royal Children’s Hospital Brisbane: a photoarchive of its last week, November 2014John Pearn, Kris Kamusinski and Scott Kernaghan
231May20161Remembering the forgotten soldier: Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Defence PersonnelDale Kerwin, Lorraine Hatton and Harry Van Issum
2319Lt the Hon Leopold Scarlett RAN/RNMichael White
2332Lest we Forget: sacred memorialsDW Martin
36Three Doomed Communes: A Roma Romance?Bill Metcalf and Veronica Dawson
56Reconciliation? – A Traditional Owner’s View about Warrior by Libby ConnorsKen Murphy and Ann Crook
66Obituary: Rev. Canon Dr John Gladstone SteeleRuth S Kerr
2212February2016859‘One Ring To Rule Them All?’ Towards understanding the plethora of bora grounds in southeastern Queensland Michael Strong
878Fox’s ten men – early administrators of Queensland railwaysJanice Cooper
892Forgotten Heroes: Indooroopilly War MemorialJim Gibson
909James (Jim) Gerald Fitzgerald: Chevalier de la Legion D’HonneurKelyn Flynn
915John Joseph Ryan (1860-1931): a first-day pupil of St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace, and Queensland’s first native-born Catholic priestBrian Grenier
927Book Review: Brian Webber, Exploring Queensland’s Railways, West and South from Toowoomba,
Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society, Woodford, 2015
John Knowles
2211November2015779James George Drake: a man of honour and principleLyndon Megarrity
795Eugene Fitzalan (1830–1911), an enigmatic botanical collector and plantsman in QueenslandJohn Leslie Dowe and E Charles Nelson
812Menzies, Fadden and Moreton’s ‘Youthful’ Captain: the fall and rise of Australian Coalition-Press Relations, 1939-1945Caryn Coatney
829Queensland’s Own Money, 1893-1910: Model for the Australian Note IssueJon Stanford
841Protestant Unity Commune and the establishment of PomonaBill Metcalf, Ruth Kerr, Irene Christie
2210August2015717Chinchilla Field Station Insect-rearing Shed: the last relic of a major scientific projectHilary J Davies
731Rainbow’s Punt: crossing one of Queensland’s inland waterwaysDouglas E Booth
741Baffle Creek: the changing fortunes of a coastal waterwayDarryl Dymock and Kevin Sommerfeld
755Breaching Quarantine: the Flying Cloud Incident 1864Duncan Richardson
765Emigrating to Queensland: medical advice for intending colonistsJohn Pearn
775Book review: Libby Connors, Warrior: a legendary leader’s dramatic life and violent death on the colonial frontier, Sydney, Allen & Unwin, 2015. xii, 268 pp.Brian Stevenson
777Book review: Dorine Tolley, trans., A voyage to Australia: a diary written by AJW van Delden in 1866 while on a mission to establish a steam-ship line between Java and Australia, North Melbourne, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2014, xiv + 231pp., footnotes.Val Donovan
229May2015655A summer night paradise in wartime Brisbane: the Allies’ Garden CityTimothy Roberts
664The University of Queensland’s official reaction to the Great War, 1914–15John A Moses
677The True Facts behind the Mayne InheritanceStephen Sheaffe
693An indefatigable northern inspector: Thomas Clohesy of the QueenslandPam Garfoot
702The origins of modern nursing in Queensland: the life and service of Jane Hellicar (1840-1914)John Pearn, Alan Isles and Peter Sullivan
713From French Chateau to colonial Queensland pioneerTroy Reeves
228February2015577Early exploration of the Bellenden Ker RangePS Lavarack
594The Scandinavians of Torres Strait: Part II: 1880s-1942: The settlersAnna Shnukal
609Background to the birth of Miegunyah: The (Royal) Historical Society of Queensland and the (Queensland) Women’s Historical Association, 1950-1968Jean Stewart
621Eponymous Memorials of the Royal Children’s Hospital, BrisbaneJohn Pearn
639The Tramway and General Strike of 1912Ian Hadwen
653Book Review: Salute to the Hudswells: the story of The Colonial Sugar Refining Company’s Hudswell Clarke locomotives in Queensland and FijiDr Ruth S Kerr
227November2014511From Caledonia to Capricorn: the Scots as Rockhampton community builders 1860 to 1902Margaret Shield
527The Scandinavians of Torres Strait: Part I: 1860s-1880s: the sojournersAnna Shnukal
542The long wait by the Queensland National Bank depositors for their money after the bank busts of the 1890sJon Stanford
556Percy George Whittall: killed at Quinn’s Post and now lies in the dust with his ancestorsStephen Sheaffe
563Ray of HopeTerence Morrish
569George Wilkie Gray and Maria Emma Gray: their role in establishing the Royal Children’s and Mater Children’s Hospitals in BrisbaneAlan Isles and John Pearn
226August2014441Creating shady places: street tree-planting and public garden formation in Queensland’s towns and cities, 1850-1914Peter D Griggs
458A journey through the records: The Queensland Heritage Register and migrant placesHilary Davies
468Echoes of home: park music culture in colonial BrisbaneHelen Penridge
480Mount Ommaney/Hominy – whence the name?Meg Gordan
495‘Remember who we are’: an analysis of brand QueenslandHarry Akers, Michael Foley, Pauline Ford
507Book review: The Idea of Legal History: A Tribute in Honour of Dr Michael White QC, Aladin Rahemtula and Mark W Sayers, eds, Brisbane, Supreme Court of Queensland Library, 2014.Ché M Aberdeen
225May2014357Alice River: Queensland’s First CommuneBill Metcalf
375David and Goliath in Tobruk 1941: Queenslanders punching above their weightJohn Mackenzie-Smith
387The Regatta Hotel: a story of triumph over adversityLeigh Chamberlain
401The Queensland Irish Association: Origins and Consolidation, 1898-1908Rodney Sullivan
416‘That Isaac Gorta – he was a good man’: reconstructing the history of a Jewish migrant during Gympie’s gold rush periodSandy Horne
423Queensland’s Nicklin Government 1957-68: Modernisation, Industrialisation and EducationTroy Reeves
224February2014271Reviving Oscar Friström: his Aboriginal paintingsW Ross Johnston
287Rediscovering the artist Godfrey Rivers and his legacy to QueenslandJudith McKay
302Queensland’s First Professional Woman Journalist: Mary Hannay FoottPatricia Clarke
316The ‘Southern Question’ in Australia: The 1925 Royal Commission’s Racialisation of Southern ItaliansCatherine Dewhirst
333The Iwasaki ResortCarol Gistitin
349The Perry Family Brisbane: their business and homesJanet Edwards
23November2013149A History of The Royal Historical Society of QueenslandRuth S Kerr
170An enduring exhortation: a foundation and centenary perspective of the integrity of historical research and educationJohn Pearn
173Five intrepid women: foundation members of the Historical Society of QueenslandJean Stewart
189Women of NewsteadCarolyn Nolan
200The Commissariat Store: a heritage perspective and a history of its fabricJohn Pearn
225Behind the scenes of the RHSQ archival collection: a glimpse at some of the treasuresVal Donovan
233Starting a structural revolution: was Siemon’s warehouse Brisbane’s first reinforced concrete framed building?Don Watson
2471913 – a pivotal year in the artistic career of Lloyd ReesIan Hadwen
253‘The battalion of troubles…’ The Murphy’s Creek railway smash of 1913Greg Hallam
264The Evolution of Execution in QueenslandChris Dawson
270Donors to the Centenary Project 2013
222August201369Mrs Barnfield and the Queen of the Colonies: the 1863 voyageJennifer Harrison
81Queen of the Colonies sails into south-east Queensland historyJoseph Patti
92Queensland Mining HeritageRuth Kerr
98What about the workers – how well does heritage represent labour?Howard Guille
114This Old House… 150 years of CononEd Slaughter and John Slaughter
129State-listed Heritage in the Gympie regionHilary Davies
137Protecting Heritage: a short history of the National Trust of QueenslandSW Sheaffe
221May20131The Australian Inland Mission: celebrating 100 yearsJudith McKay
12The Lookout at Mt Coot-tha: how One Tree Hill’s vantage point became a tourist attractionJanet Spillman
26Mapping for MemoryEric Ketelaar
40Leichhardt’s Telescopes and Clock InvestigatedRod Julian
54Inspector William Henry Lipp: life and timesDenver Beanland
2112February2013775Location, Location, Location: an overview of archaeological investigations into the penal settlement at Redcliffe, 2008-2011Gee, Patricia
784The Birth of BrisbaneEngland, Marilyn
791Impressions and inscriptions: making Brisbane TownGinn, Geoffrey AC
809‘Adopting a regular system of prison discipline’: Moreton Bay and 1820s Penal Settlements in the ‘Plan of Punishment’Harrison, Jennifer
819The Military at Moreton Bay, 1825-1842Pratt, Rod
827I have the honour to remain your humble servantSheehan, Colin
839The Eagle Farm agricultural establishmentPrangley, Dean NW
847Convict Brisbane and the rescue of Eliza Fraser, 1836Brown, Elaine
2111November2012707Queensland architect RS Dods 1868-1920: his life workRiddel, Robert
You may well become slaves: on the fringes of Queensland’s assisted migration schemeLarsen Lund, Fredrick
733Why Maroon? Queensland’s State Colour – tinctorial metaphor and iconographic heritagePearn, John
747The forger, his wives and associates: their loss and recovery of respectabilityPlayne, Martin J
763The formation of Municipal Councils in early Queensland and their antecedents in England in the 19th CenturyZalewski, Pat
2110August2012645Trams in the TropicsJones, Colin
653‘Voracious monsters’: People, sharks and the Brisbane RiverDawson, Chris
666Making Mayne Locomotive Depot 1911-1929Hallam, Greg
678Nugent Wade Brown 1841-1919Stewart, Jean
688Emily (Howard) Coungeau 1860-1936Hooper, Lynne
703Office Bearers 2007-2011
219May2012585An historical account of Youth Detention Centres in South East Queensland and their relationship to adolescent forensic psychiatryStathis, Stephen
601History of the Queensland Country Women’s Association: ‘More than tea and scones’Lovelace, Norma
615Good works: the ladies of the Arts and Crafts Society and remedial teaching in World Wars I and IICooke, Glenn R.
626Power at the Periphery: Sectarianism and the 1957 Labour Party Split in regional QueenslandHarmes, Meredith A.; Harmes, Marcus K.; Harmes, Barbara
641Jean-Baptiste Desparment (1817-1873)Sheehan, Colin
218February2012Burke and Wills Conference – State Library of Queensland, 4 June 2011
497Burke and Wills – an overview of the Expedition, its preparation, planning and outcomesPhoenix, Dave
510John King: an Ulster explorer who became the first person to cross AustraliaPhoenix, Dave
522‘Surgeon’ Wills of the Burke and Wills Expedition 1860-1861: new research and a medical perspective of William John Wills (1834-1861)Pearn, John
537The Literature of Burke and WillsHadwen, Ian
551‘It is during my stay in this city that I learned of the tragic outcome of the expedition of O’Hara Burke’: Jean-Baptiste Desparmet’s account of the Burke and Wills expeditionSheehan, Colin
565William Landsborough and the Burke and Wills search expeditionMcCourt, James
575John McKinlay – ‘Knight Errant of explorers’: an explorer’s explorer?Gibson, David
217November2011423Finding the provenance of two oil paintings from GympieEngland, Marilyn
538Signifying success: Joseph Backler's portraits of Robert and Alice PollockRoberts, Timothy
447'The restless energies of freedom': Revisiting the celebration of Queensland historySaunders, Kay
456Townsville's first plague year – 1900Fielding, Trisha
471Frank Olsen: Founding father of Queensland's declared Fish Habitat Area NetworkSheppard, Rebecca; Derbyshire, Kurt; Beumer, John; Batton, Rebecca; Kerr, Ruth
485Died of sunstroke on Gallipoli: Ferdinand William Clifton of EumundiSimpson, Kathryn
495Book review: The Forgan Smith: History of a building and its people at The University of Queensland by Clive MooreDonovan, Val
216August2011353A century of Queensland governors: Fernberg 1910-2010Wensley AC, Penelope
367The Queensland Turf Club: A place in historyCoughlan, Helen
383Long skirts and hot dinners: Making oneself at home in warm climesLawrence, Dianne
397The evolution of a disgraced politician: ‘Mal’ Colston 1938-2003Saunders, Malcolm; Lloyd, Neil
413Mary Cassandra Elkington and the LindsaysStewart, Jean
215May2011284The children’s burial vault in convict BrisbaneHarrison, Jenifer
296Flying the first flag of Queensland separationFisher, Rod
309The voyage of the Marmion 1852: The northern district’s lucky escapeMackenzie-Smith, John
321Woolloongabba Exemplars CommuneMetcalf, Bill; Kerr, Ruth; Christie, Irene
3391878 – The elections that saved TownsvilleJanecek, Joseph M.
214February2011213Elizabeth Brentnall: Myth, magic and MethodismMcCulloch, John ES.
227What’s in a name? The rise and fall and comeback of BoggoDawson, Christopher
235First Herbert Government 1860-63Beanland, Denver
250Fanny Trundle – ‘suitable only for breeding’ or ‘a most refined and well-informed lady’?Johnson, Beth
265Why The University of Queensland moved to St Lucia: Its growth and effect on the suburbBrown, Peter
276Irish Queenslanders and Dr MannixMartin, DW.
213November2010145South Sea Islanders and Christian missions in Torres Strait and Cape York Peninsula, far north Queensland, 1890-1930Shnukal, Anna
162Histories of Queensland: A bibliographical surveyMetcalf, Bill
181Arthur Hamilton Gordon and Adolphe de Plevitz: Ambitions of Indian labour in colonial Mauritius and FijiPlevitz, Loretta de
196A complex mosaic: Groundwater, ‘the big spill’, and the wool industry in pre-1960 QueenslandAkers, Harry F.
212August2010Australia on the map: Footprints on the shore, Conference held at the Commissariat Store 12 August 2006
57From coast to coast: Aboriginal storylines and trading namesDonovan, Val
65A quick journey through Kabi Country: ‘Murubai’ Kgula – the heart of our Country – 2006Wall, Colleen
72Voyages to the south land: Dutch exploration of the Queensland coastSheehan, Colin
88Treaty of Tordesillas 1494McCourt, James
103Janszoon in context: Cartography from earliest times to FlindersIsdale, Les
117With Torres on the search for Terra Australis: Don Diego de Prado y TovarWindolf, John FP.
127A river with bush: The Pennefather River, Cape York PeninsulaWharton, Geoff
211May20101Sir Thomas McIlwraith: Queensland’s visionary premierBeanland, Denver
16Innocent amusements for all classes: Early circus activity in Queensland, 1847-1942St Leon, Mark Valentine
34The German Missionaries of Zion HillFord, Roger
48Arthur Billett (1831-1900)Grenier, Brian
2013February2010Sesquicentenary Journal No. 3: Queensland in 1859, Joint conference with the BHG held at the Commissariat Store, 8 August 2009
775A Wiradjuri child at Moreton BayConners, Libby
788The ugly colonial ducking: How Brisbane became the capital of QueenslandFisher, Rod
804Squatters and separation: A synoptic overviewFrench, Maurice
820Parsons, publications and policemen: Defining Brisbane 1860Harrison, Jennifer
832RGW Herbert: ‘… a statesman trained in Queensland’Know, Bruce
847The evolution of municipal government in Brisbane 1838-1859Laverty, John R
858Sir George Ferguson Bowen’s ‘place in the grateful memories of … QueenslandMcConnel, Katie
871Public works in Moreton Bay NSW 1824-1839Oliver, Bill
884Matthew Henry Marsh (1810-1881): ‘Father of Queensland’Cheehan, Colin
904Brisbane’s moral renaissance 1849-1859: The Lang factorMackenzie-Smith, John
2012November2009Sesquicentenary Journal No. 2: Queensland 1859-2009: Setting the scene for Separation: Processes, policies and personalities, Conference 11 August 2009
663Bulwer and his colonies, 1858-1859: British Columbia and QueenslandKnox, Bruce
675Separation celebrations: Speculations, anticipation and observations from 1859 reportsHarrison, Jennifer
686John Richardson, businessman and parliamentarianStewart, Jean
690‘…suitable government of territory and population…’: The imperial constitution acts and the northern districts of New South WalesSheehan, Colin
706Mackenzie of Kilcoy: Northern patriot and southern irritantMackenzie-Smith, John
716A hanging, a hostage drama and several homicides: Why sovereignty in 1859 is problematicConnors, Libby
728Arthur Hodgson and his role in SeparationDonovan, Val
738English liberty and people’s rights: The influence of heritage in achieving self-government in QueenslandMoore, Keith
748John Dunmore Lang: Queensland’s founding fatherEdmonds, Angus
762A constitution for QueenslandSheaffe, Stephen
769Separation and its effects upon Gladstone and RockhamptonMcDonald, Lorna
2011August2009Sesquicentenary Journal No.1: Queensland 1859-2009: Setting the scene for separation: Queensland in the 1840s and 1830s, Conference 11 August 2007
529The spread of settlement pre-separationHadwen, Ian
536‘Good ploughmen and useful servant girls’: Immigration to preseparation Moreton BayHarrison, Jennifer
544Pearls before swine? Culture in early BrisbaneFisher, Rod
568Moreton Bay Pastoralists Association and their role in the squatter’s opposition to Governor GippsKerr, Ruth
578A house divided: The Griffin family of Whiteside and frontier conflict in the 1840sConnors, Libby
593The Kilcoy poisonings revisitedMackenzie-Smith, John
606The myth of Patrick LeslieDiamond, Marion
619The Collins of MundoolunNolan, Carolyn
631The Catholic Church in Brisbane before separationMartin, FR DW
642Justice in Moreton Bay through the eyes of criminal trialsSheaffe, Stephen
652Thomas Grenier (1808-1877): Pioneer, publican, storekeeper, landowner, alderman and farmerGrenier, Brian
2010May2009457Brisbane’s Temple of Peace: War and Myth-makingMcKay, Judith
470Writing political history: John Bjelke-Petersen and the 1970 leadership challengeHunt, Doug
495Richard, Frederick and Robert: Three militant Walkers on the Maranoa frontierCollins, Patrick
520Whatever became of Henry Cape?Grenier, Brian
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The Revolt of Youth
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559Rise and Decline of Port DouglasCollinson, JW
568Governor Bowen and the Working ManKelly, Pat
573The Queensland Gold Miner and the Chinese QuestionStoodley, June
584The Working Man (1911-1918)Birrell, Margaret
431950286Newstead House [photograph]
287Queensland’s first Bank: Bank of New South Wales, 14th November 1850 [artist’s impression from an early drawing]
288Government House
289The Historical Society of Queensland Inc Council 1950-51 and List of Members
293Politics in Early QueenslandMorrison, Allan A
313Brief History of the Coal Mining Industry in QueenslandDunne, EF
340An Outline of the History of the Queensland Police Force 1860-1949Pixley, Norman S
361Blackbirding: A brief history of the South Sea Islands Labour Traffic and the vessels engaged in itStevens, EV
404The Attitude towards Immigration of Squatters in the Moreton Bay, Darling Downs and Wide Bay Districts up to 1859Goleby, Allison
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422Water DivingPalethorpe, CT (Rev)
438Genesis of Brisbane City Council: The first ten years of civic government in BrisbaneLaurie, Arthur
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149Inscription accompanying a portrait in oils painted by Harold Chester of the Very Rev John Flynn OBE DD
150A History of Industrial Law in Queensland with a Summary of the Provisions of the Various StatuesMatthews, Justice (Honourable)
182Cardwell, a Gateway to the WestCollinson, JW
190In the Kalkadoon Country: The Habitat and Habits of a Queensland Aboriginal TribePearson, SE
Significant of Newstead HouseMcKinnon, Firmin
216Early History of Somerset and Thursday IslandAustin, CG
231Thomas Glassey: Queensland Labour LeaderRayner, SA
253The Military Defence Force of QueenslandPixley, Norman S
271Where Did Leichhardt Wander? A Theory of his Probable Route and FatePike, Glenville
41December1948-Evolution of the MerinoBaker, AL
2Newstead PicturesLavarack, John (Governor)
6List of Office Bearers, Notices
10In Memoriam: Henry Alcock
12Annual Report to 31 August 1948
16Vice-President’s AddressNixon, FO
20Fortitude ImmigrantsStevens, EV
27A Short Bibliography of Queensland Verse: The Collecting of Queensland Books of Poetry as a HobbyHornibrook, JH
30Camboon ReminiscencesBell, FM
68The Story of the Discovery of Mount Morgan RetoldPatterson, BG
87Roma: Its Growth and DevelopmentSpencer, Hope
103The Halcyon Days of ClevelandMcKinnon, Firmin
117The History of the Isis ScrubLaurie, Arthur
361947389Foreword, Notices, Papers Read and Annual Report
400Some Cities and Their SitesAlcock, Henry (Professor)
405The life and work of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Plunkett Murray BA
439A history of Charleville and districtMorrison, AA
459Newstead House and Captain Wickham, RN
466From the Downs to the Don and the Dee: The Story of the Brothers, Leith-HayCollinson, JW
472Serocold Memorial [Lieutenant George Pearce-Serocold RN 1828-1912]
473Early Days of MaryboroughMcKinnon, Firmin
351945327Presidential Address [on Queensland Governors]Alcock, Henry (Professor)
350The Discovery, Exploration and Early Settlement of the Upper BurnettBloxsome, HS
351The Conquest of Prickly PearDodd, AP
362The Bailey Family and its Place in the Botanical History of AustraliaWhite, CT
369Notes on the History of Maritime Quarantine in Queensland, 19th CenturyWiburd, CT
34February1945243Proceedings of the Society: Presidential Address by Sir Raphael CilentoCilento, Raphael (Sir)
260The Origin and Growth of the Sugar Industry in the Cairns DistrictCollinson, JW
265Queensland’s Pioneer Journals and JournalistsDavies, Alfred G
284Early History of the Queensland RailwaysCole, AE
312Land Settlement in the South BurnettReid, JDD
33May1944135Office-Bearers of the Society
140List of Papers Read
143The Pacific Islands: Their Glamour and their TragediesDavies, Alfred G
175The Surveys of the Land Boundaries of QueenslandHoldaway, ET
193The Parliamentary Representatives of South East Queensland: Some Electioneering IncidentsHannah, Isobel
209Brisbane Tramways: Their History and DevelopmentSteer, GR
235List of Members
32October194057Significance of “Newstead”: Oldest Residence in BrisbaneDavies, AG
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100The South-West Corner of QueenslandPearson, SE
123The History of the Peachester and Crohamhurst DistrictHarden, WPH
31December19371The Historical Society of Queensland Incorporated Constitution
Papers Read before the Society [1935-1937]
5Pioneer Steamships in Queensland WatersDavies, AG
27John Campbell: A Squatter of ‘41Welsby, Thomas
37The Volcanic Eruption in Blanche Bay, Territory of New Guinea, May 1937Cilento, Raphael (Sir)
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274The Genesis of the Port by BrisbaneDavies, AG
288The Floods of the Brisbane RiverJones, Inigo
296William Landsborough: ExplorerWelsby, Thomas
304Immigration and the Immigrant Ships (Moreton Bay)Davies, AG
25November1935192Resumption of Publication [lists office bearers and papers read before the society 1929-1935]
195Accidental Factors in Brisbane’s History
202Brisbane’s Water Supply: The Queen Street Fire of 1864Melton, Charles
208The Early Settlement of the Logan and Albert DistrictsHanlon, WE
24March1928150The Memorial to Captain Cook at Bustard BayCumbrae-Stewart, FW
189The Memorial to Captain Cook at Possession Island
23October1925Proceedings of the Historical Society of Queensland [1923]
124Extract from the Field Books of Mr John Oxley, Surveyor General of New South Wales, Relating to the Discovery of the Brisbane River on 2nd December, 1823
137Extract from Field Books of Mr John Oxley Relating to the Discovery of the Site of the City of Brisbane on 28th September, 1824
22June192374Fortitude Valley: The Cinderella of the CityMelton, Charles
81Reminiscences of North Queensland, 1862-1878Corfield, WH
97Ernest Henry: The discoverer, and principal prospector, of the Cloncurry Mineral District of North-West QueenslandPhillips, George
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27Norfolk IslandBrazier, BF (Rev.)
46The Discovery of the Brisbane River: John Oxley’s Missing Journal of 1823Lockyer, Nicholas
54Exploration by Major Edmund Lockyer of the Brisbane River in 1825Lockyer, Nicholas
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341When Woolloongabba was Wattle-ScentedMelton, Charles
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15October1918287Historical Society of Queensland Annual Report
290The “Hamlet’s Ghost” [ship 1863 and wreck of Prince of Denmark]
304Old BulimbaJohnston, William
318Notes and Corrections
Ernest Elphinstone Dalrymple p33;
Madam Jacques Blumenthal p34;
The Moravian Missionaries at Nundah p64 (long);
Captain Vigors p82, 93;
William Anthony Brown p88;
George Stewart, HMS Bounty p321;
Dr Tate p184; Moreton Bay, p129]
Sir Arthur Morgan, President
Juston Fix Greenlan Foxton, Vice-President
Rees Rutland Jones
Archibald Lee
John Arthur Macartney
James Crawford
14January1918185Notes on the Political History of Queensland: 1859-1917Bernays, Charles A.
13August1917105Historical Society of Queensland Report for the Year 1916-17
110Recollections of the Natives of Moreton Bay Together with some of their names and Customs of LivingWelsby, Thomas
130The Evolution of Political PartiesSchindler, Charles
140Kanaka Labour in Queensland [1863-1871]Molesworth, BH
155First Attempts at Settlement in New GuineaCumbrae-Stewart, F. W. S. (Francis William Sutton)
12February191653Office Bearers, 1914-1915
54Proceedings of the Society, 1915
59Receipts and expenditure, June 1913 to September 1915
WH Ryder
FH Hart
TW Connah
Hubert Jennings Imrie Harris
T Holder Cowl
64Non-British [German] Settlement in QueenslandSchindler, C.
76The Moreton Bay postal system : notes on the post office, Brisbane, 1824-1959Cumbrae-Stewart, F. W. S. (Francis William Sutton)
91Remarks on the Two Preceding PapersMathewson, Thomas
94Echoes from the Great Barrier ReefMackay, John
96Personal Reminiscences of ‘53 [1853, Surat]Mathewson, Thos
99Notes and Corrections
Memories of a Soldiers’ Life by Sir HM Bengough
Reminiscences of India and North Queensland, 1857-1912 by Robert Gray
11August19141Officer Bearers, 1913-1914
2Formation of the Society
6Proceedings of the Society
11Roll of Original Members
RM Collins
WJ Scott by PWS
John Mackay
Mrs Thomson
JH McConnel
17Methods of Historical ResearchMelbourne, A. C. V. (Alexander Clifford Vernon)
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