Armistice Day Essay Competition: Winners

Armistice Day Essay Competition: Winners

Still had the debt from last your, to publish the winning entries. The RHSQ has received so many valuable thoughts, that it was hard to choose the most original works. On 10 December, on Separation Day, Hon. Jane Prentice MP congratulated the winners. Thanks to QBD the second and the third prize were book vouchers, the winner of the competition received an instant camera. Thank you for everyone who entered the competition, hope to see you this year’s competition as well. Please, read the winning entries from Toby, Addison and Reuben! Congratulations again!

” To me peace means a chance to live my life without fear. Without the fear of a bomb landing on my school or coming home t find my family dead. Peace means I don’t need to be afraid of being sent to defend and kill. War takes away our food and clean water and threatens our opportunity for education. To me peace means the chance to make most of my life to live and learn without all of these fears.
I am very grateful that I have never known war and I pray I never do. In my imagination I can see all the horrors of war.
To me peace means I can close my eyes and see a bright future  and so, without guns or bombs, peace is worth fighting for.”

Third Prize: Toby-Howard-Mowat (Camp Hill Infant and Primary School)
Stephen Sheaffe, President of the RHSQ, Addison Stecher, Hon. Jane Prentice MP

” What does peace mean for me? To me peace means a time with no fighting or war. A time of love and hope, a time when everybody is happy. The definition of peace is “freedom from disturbance; tranquillity”, to me this means that everyone can feel safe and secure and has the opportunity to speak freely about their beliefs and opinions without fear.We are so lucky that we have peace in our country and we need to recognize that people in other countries may not be as lucky as us. We also need to recognize that peace starts at home and at school, with family and friends. Peace starts with love and forgiveness and respecting other opinions and feelings. Peace can start with one person and that one person could be you or me, and all I would have to do is spread love and compassion to everybody.”

Second Prize: Addison Stecher (Camp Hill Infant and Primary School)
Reuben White

” I have no limit all – I can exist in many places,
But I can also be destroyed – along with many helpless faces,
I was fought for by many nations (and very few in their plan succeeded),
Others returned with nothing – despite how much they pleaded,
I’ve been destroyed by war; by fights (and other things),
It has ruined me – what a terrible outcome war brings!
My job in this cruel world is to make the warfare cease,
Try and guess what I am – that’s rights! I am peace.”

First Prize: Reuben White (Runcorn Heights State School)
Armistice Day Essay Competition

Armistice Day Essay Competition

Armistice Day Essay Competition for Queensland students: To commemorate this year’s Armistice Day the Royal Historical Society of Queensland invites year 5 and 6 students – or younger if their teacher recommends them – to tell us in 150 words or less what peace means to them. Entries must be submitted by the 15th November 2018.