Recorded talks

13 April 2022

An Historical Overview of the Queensland Ambulance by Dr Michael David AM

19 March 2022

100th Anniversary of the Abolition of the Queensland Legislative Council Historical Seminar

9 March 2022

Early Queensland Maritime History by Harvey Greenfield

9 February 2022

Uncovering a Lost Culture: Australian Convict Dance 1788-1840 by Dr Heather Clarke

8 December 2021

Year of Disaster: Brisbane 1864 by Duncan Richardson

10 November 2021

Making a Fresh Start: Tasmanian Female Ex-Convicts in Free Settlement Queensland by Jan Richardson

12 May 2021

Why Did the Seven Fly on the Stinson That Day? by Philip Castle

10 March 2021

Writing Women into the History of the Queensland Irish Association by Robin & Rodney Sullivan

10 February 2021

Sir Samuel Griffith and the Writing of the Queensland Criminal Code by Michael Halliday

9 December 2020

Thomas Domville Taylor and Early Days on The Downs by Timothy Roberts

21 November 2020

RHSQ Annual Conference: Ngalda Ngadja

11 November 2020

The Australians in Bomber Command in WWII by Philip Castle

14 October 2020

‘Stone and Ink’ in Designs, Devils, Details by Matthew Wengert & Louise Martin-Chew