RHSQ Publications

The following publication list is regularly updated, but please send an email or give a call to the office before making an order, so we can check the stock.

AuthorTitleSelling price
Beanland, DenverThe Queensland Ceasar: Sir Thomas McIlwrath$30
Cohen Kay et alLost Brisbane & Surrounding Areas 1$35
Hadwen, Ian; Hogan, Janet; Nolan, CarolynBrisbane's Historic North Bank 1825-2005$25
Harrison, J; Steele, J (ed.)The Fell Tyrant or the Suffering Convict$15
Jacobsen, Dale LornaUnion Jack$25
Joyce, CarmelCornish Captains of Industry$34
Joyce, CarmelBosuns' Quests for Fairer Skies$25
Kerr, John (ed).Gamblers' Paradise$2
Kerr, John (ed).Flinders in Moreton Bay: A Bicentenary Review 1799-1999$5
Kerr, John (ed.)The Annals of Annerley$5
Kowald, MargaretLost Brisbane & Surrounding Areas: The Later Years 2$35
Lee, BettyRight Man, Right Place, Worst Time: Commander Eric Feldt$32
Moore, David EThe Honourable A.E. Moore: The Premier of Brymaroo$22
Pearn, John; Tangney, DannyThe Amity: The story of a brig & her pivotal role in Australian colonisation$15
Readshaw, GrahameLooking up and Looking Back at Old Brisbane$5
RHSQGriffith, the law, and the Australian Constitution$5
RHSQRoyal Historical Society of Queensland Journal (less than five years old)$20
RHSQRoyal Historical Society of Queensland Journal (more than five years old)$6
RHSQWorld's First Labour Government$5
Richardson, DuncanJason Chen and the Time Banana$16.95
Richardson, DuncanCaptives of the Spanish Lady$20
Rivière, MarcDiscovery of the Brisbane River 1823$10
Robins, Rebecca & JamesGeorge: A Moreton Bay Convict Story$20
Sheaffe, StephenStories of Stephens: A History of Annerley and the Surrounding Suburbs$25
Simpson, Mary LouFrom Convict to Politician: The Life of William Henry Groom$34.99
Synge, LesleyWharfie$30
Thompson-Gray, JohnLove, Luck and Larceny: Memoirs from Broome 1942$20
Remember Me: The Lost Diggers of Vignacourt (8 postcards)$5