It was a very successful excursion for us and we were extremely happy with the courtesy and knowledge of you all. Our students and teachers had a great time and we were surprised at how much information they gained. Here are some of their comments… “I wouldn’t survive as a convict, their life was too hard” (Sam). “I liked hearing about the sign (cypher) on the building that told me which King George and the year the building was built” (Bec) “The chains were scary and it must have been hard to walk in them. I feel sorry for the convicts”. (Emma) “It was good.” (Matt, Sophie, Ella) “It was interesting to see the old wall out the back and hear about the murder.” (Suzi) “I was really impressed with the tour guides. I’ve never seen our students so engaged and interested for such a long period. That’s the best I’ve ever seen”. (teacher). “I’m going back again. That was great! There’s so much to see.” (teacher).


ELD Tutor

Endeavour Foundation